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We are located in the town of Lavagna, only 4 short km from the world famous village of Portofino. Here we are surrounded by many other beautiful villages like San Fruttuoso, Santa Margherita, Zoagli, Sestri Levante and Moneglia, all of which possess a beauty all unto their own.

We invite you to come and play with us on the Italian Riviera and experience life on the sea. You will never forget it.

We are easily accessible by train or car, and are happy to guide you every step of the way. Hope to see you soon aboard the  Calmacuor. 

Our boat is a 40ft. Sun Odyssey with 3 sleeping cabins, 2 bathrooms, a salon, galley, outdoor patio, and a pool to die for. At these prices, what are you waiting for?


 We also offer gift vouchers for family and friends, private parties, and special functions.

Call us to organize your special day!

We also offer introductory classes to sailing at special rates, which give you the opportunity to "get your feet wet" and embark on a mission of discovery.

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